Praise for Dolorata

"...Their sound on this debut disc is hard-rocking with a blues and soul core, riff-based and uniquely accented by Emily Palen’s skillfully aggressive violin. Lead singer-guitarist Katie Colpitts has one of those throaty, born-to-rock voices that just whomps a microphone, particularly on the lead-off “You’ve Gotta Want It,” while bassist Veronica Savage, drummer Dawn Richardson and guitarist Dori Sappo lay down the throbbing rhythm..."
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"Dolorata is more interested in capturing passion and power than in pop-music politics."

Delfin Vigil, SF Chronicle
"...they rocked from start to finish.  Their songs are gritty, well performed and the musicianship is great.  The violin player - who is fantastic and very interesting to watch - uplifts them from a good garage rock band to something sublime..."
DJ Stevil, KUSF
"Dolorata has a rare, valuable quality of a unique, yet immediately accessible sound with fantastic riffs, great songs, and great musicianship."
Gretchen Menn (Sticks and Stones, Zepparella)
"These women are giving it their all--that much is clear. And the audience is responding in kind."
Holly Burns, Camel Smokes
"Opening for the Stooges is a tough gig - everybody there has been waiting 34 years for this tour. That's a recipe for getting booed off the stage. Dolorata won the crowd over."
Mr. Bitter